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Roller Skate Repair

Taking proper care of your roller skates

Congratulations on the purchase of your new pair of roller skates. The feeling of gliding is an amazing one and here are few tips we’ve gathered over time on how to take great care of your skates. 

Some Don’ts

  1. Don’t skate through water because once water gets inside bearings, rust develops and the bearings degrade. 
  2. Don’t soak roller skates inside water. If they’re dirty wipe with a wet cloth. 

Things to DO.


Oil bearings regularly with a thin lubricant like this one. Stay away from grease as it is meant for big moving parts and not small ball bearings. 


Rotate them so that they don’t wear out on one side. This will extend your wheel’s life cycle and save you money in the long run. You should also swap wheels as shown in this video.

Remove debris which might prevent wheels from spinning smoothly. For example hair, strings and grass might clog between your tires & the frame.


Store skates in a cool dry place. Don’t leave skates in the open. Rain and long exposure to the hot sun damages roller stakes. 

Beat odours & smells

It is normal for your pair of roller skate to develop some odour because of sweating. Here’s how you can have fresh skates. 

  1. After skating do not stuff your wet socks inside the skate. I know this is tempting but it stops aeration leading to worse smell. 
  2. Take a cloth, dip in soapy water and wipe the inside of skates. Peek with your fingers till you reach the toes area with your cloth. After that spray the inside of your skates with a disinfectant to kill bacteria. Leave the skate to dry in the sun. 
  3. Remove insoles, soak them for some time in detergent, then use a soft brush to scrub, rinse and dry them in the sun.