Supersonic Skate Frame 3 x 110mm


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Supersonic 3*110 MM frame

Material: lightweight 7000-grade reinforcedĀ  Aluminium

Made by Flying Eagle

Colours Blue, Red and Black

Mounting 165 to 185cm

Package: A pair of frames, 6 axles, and 6 spacers.



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Supersonic 3*110 MM frame

Made out of strong yet lightweight 7000-grade reinforcedĀ  Aluminium

Manufactured by Flying Eagle


Available in colours Blue, Red and Black


Mounting 165 to 185cm (2 slots a the front and 3 at the back to fit almost most tri-skates in the market)

Package contains a pair of frames, 6 axles, and 6 spacers.

Skate provides a sensation similar to a 4x80mm frame. His behaviour is perfect in tight turns and speed slalom.






Black, Blue, Red